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Once upon a time there was a dream... I'm Ilaria, Illytrilly was born in Italy in 2010, right after the birth of my baby girl and a box full of colorful sewing threads. In 2014, Illytrilly moved to London with a suitcase full of Made in Italy. After three years, I met Mara, my Princess Charming, and her fabulous business skills and we lived happily ever after.

Ilaria Mercanti - she is the creative designer of Illytrilly Accessories. Italian from Milan she worked in the fashion industry immediately after her graduation. She worked in various fashion showrooms like Gai Mattiolo, Gattinoni, Twin Set, Levi’s Strauss…
Soon she found out her passion for the creative part of the fashion and she started a course of fashion Styling where she fell in love with leather. She started to design and craft leather accessories for her daughter and friends and attended to some small Trade Shows starting Illytrilly Accessories. In the meantime she has collaborated for 4 Season with the brand Valmax, designing them Accessories Collections. In 2014 she moved to London where she lives with her husband and them 2 kids and where she met Mara. 

Mara Pace - She is the commercial and administrative mind of Illytrilly Accessories. Italian from Milan, she graduated in Business Economy in the prestigious university Bocconi Milano. After that, she began her career at the back office of an Italian financial company. In 2017 she moved to London where she contacted Ilaria by a mutual friend and they both immediately realized that they were teo peas in a pod. Now Mara move back to Milan where she can closely follow the production of the accessories, all made in Italy.